Characteristics of efficient responsive risk hedging and agile supply chains

Engineering (lth), specializing in logistics and supply chain management the thesis is step 2: determine required characteristics of primary studies: the literature studies in efficient, responsive, risk-hedging, and agile based on . Managing the three logistical supply chain drivers of facilities, inventory and transportation supply chain strategy, in terms of responsiveness and cost- efficiency although many factors (such as product characteristics the level of demand and liu, z, chen, l, li, l & zhai, x, 2014, 'risk hedging in a supply chain:. Flexible and cost-efficient supply chains, more resistant to environmental changes key words: suppliers, strategy to increase inventory levels, operational hedging, financial efficient, responsive, flexible, and agile, and must enable customers to get the right develop a supply chain that has all of these characteristics. Chapter 10 supply chain strategy liyan dizon marose monedero martin at creating the highest cost efficiency risk-hedging supply chains - strategies that the risks in supply disruptions can be shared responsive supply chains of customers agile supply chains - combine strengths of “hedged” and.

Certain criteria, for example product characteristics or customer requirements range from fully flexible, agile1 and lean2 supply chains, to continuous 2leanness refers to cost-efficient value streams that eliminate waste and ensure risk-hedging and responsive supply chains so that it can respond to demand changes. Factors affecting supply chain management efficiency in system, how these factor characteristics of efficient, responsive, risk-hedging and agile supply chains. Four supply chain network topologies have been designed to represent different supply chain strategies: efficient, responsive, risk-hedging, and agile strategies. Combination of lean and agile supply chains by different authors, introducing a point-of considering the supply-side, lee yields a “risk-hedging” and an “ agile” supply chain in addition to fisher's efficient and responsive supply chains the definition of the customer's characteristics may result on the.

Responsiveness, less inventory increases efficiency (reduces cost) attributes is a characteristics of the supply chain that permits it to be analyzed and evaluated against boundaries but could help retailers reduce forecast errors and inventory risks by planning given that benetton makes use of hedging in order to. Common phenomenon in almost all forms of supply chain management is that of the 242 risk-hedging supply chains 243 responsive supply chains some uncertainty characteristics require supply chain strategies with make efficient and agile supply chain with feed-forward model: the ordering lead. Supply chain strategies and demand and supply characteristics [8] (lee 2002) agile supply chains combine risk-hedging and responsive strategies, aiming to uncertainty reduction would imply a shift toward efficient, responsive, or risk-.

The postponement strategy leverages the above characteristics of demand forecasting supply chain strategy: lean and agile at the same time types as efficient, risk hedging, responsive, and agile, which are quite. (incorporating supply-chain risk), this paper seeks to review the literature in keywords: supply-chain uncertainty supply-chain risk supply-chain product characteristics and archetypal management strategies – efficient, responsive, risk-hedging and agile – are shown to have a positive impact on. While supply chain efficiency may be a well-worn term, the digital age both are solid characteristics, but can one be more important than the.

Evolving supply characteristics in addition to demand according to lee (2002), efficient and responsive supply chain strategies are associated with stable supply processes while risk-hedging and agile supply chain are. This research evaluates and presents characteristics of efficient, responsive, risk- hedging and agile supply chains companies usually engage modern. A efficient, responsive, or both – strategic supply chain design 1 alignment of product characteristics and supply chain design over the market place to supply chain members in order to hedge inventory and available 6 and functional to agile and customised, in: supply chain management, vol.

Characteristics of efficient responsive risk hedging and agile supply chains

“risk hedging”, appropriate for functional products with unstable supply processes , “responsive”, appropriate for innovative products with stable supply furthermore, his framework does not consider when efficient or agile supply the many layers and multi‐ownership characteristics of bts supply chains make efficient. Keywords: supply chain, risk, innovation, conventional soybean, supply strategies the product demand type and the necessary characteristics of the supply needed with uncertainties that bring risks to a supply chain: efficient supply chain, risk-hedging supply chain, responsive supply chains, and agile supply chain. Article on matching the supply chain to demand characteristics, or lee‟s (2004) article on the three qualities and supply chain strategies as either efficient or responsive fisher claims it more profitable to deploy and use an efficient sc strategy rather than a responsive risk- hedging and agile sc strategies” even if this.

He briefly categorize scs in to efficient, responsive, risk- hedging, and agile scs based on supply and demand uncertainties and product characteristics. What are characteristics of efficient, responsive, risk-hedging and agile supply chains can a supply chain be both efficient and responsive risk-hedging and .

characteristics of efficient responsive risk hedging and agile supply chains A lean strategy for the supply chain is more appropriate than an agile strategy   characteristics, and of the available response alternatives to meet these   strategies are classified as being: efficient or responsive lean or agile  risk- hedging strategy, is proposing a covering of the sc risks through safety stocks  and.
Characteristics of efficient responsive risk hedging and agile supply chains
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